No. 43 - January/February 2015


Cover Pacific Geographies 41

Cover Pic:
Impression from motorbike repair workshop in Hanoi

Le Dinh Hung (25 years old) runs his own motorbike repair workshop in Ba Dinh District in Hanoi. Hung began his training when he was 13 years old. He knows everything about his trade and can build custom motorbikes on request. His free time is limited. After he finishes work he spends the evening on Facebook. The cover photo has been printed with the recent publication: Waibel, M. (ed.) (2015) Hà Nôi: Capital City. Sách Anh / Fotobuch / Photo Book Fine Art Publishing House Hanoi / Vietnam, 308 pages. ISBN: 978-604-78-1965.

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Editors of Issue#43: Michael Waibel & Julia Albrecht